2017-07-02 Minutes

February 2, 2017
Conifer Mountain HOA Meeting

Members Present:
Dave Jackson
Ed Vaclavik
Eileen McGinnity
Kent Wagner
Steve Reed – By Phone

Treasurer’s Report: Dave reported on the expenses for the Firewise chipper event. Even with the added expenses from conducting the event on two weekends because the first chipper broke down, we broke even because we picked up more members who joined to participate in the chipper event. Increase in HOA paid dues corresponds with new members joining for the chipper event.

Webpage will be updated to with board member additions and subtractions and February 2 meeting notes. No further action on the webpage were recommended or required.

Update on Timothy Drive easement matter. Dave went to Planning and Zoning to check into the matter. Plats are in County files showing easements, utility and driveway easement are described and accepted by the County Commissioners on the original plat. County staff suggested and Dave proposed having an administrative access review done to confirm the easements on the Plat and create a clear record in the County records. Board approved the motion to go forward with the request once it is confirmed that the review will cover all easements in all Conifer Mountain Units. Dave will follow through with the County to request the review and then with the homeowners after the review is completed.

Firewise Event 2017 – The 2016 Firewise event was a success and culminated with Conifer Mountain being named a Firewise Community. There are some requirements for maintaining that status, including conducting additional Firewise events. The Board discussed what events to do in 2017. Dave noted that if we decide to do a chipper event this year we will need to delegate responsibility
amongst the Board and reinvigorate the Firewise Committee to coordinate the event. Dave reported that it took him many hours to coordinate, follow-up with homeowners, and work with the fire
department. The Board discussed the pros and cons of conducting another chipper event and agreed to move forward with a chipper event again this year.

The Board agreed to apply for a Firewise Grant available to Firewise communities. Dave will file the application. We will need to encourage homeowners to go online and support the grant application once filed.

The Board discussed May 6, 2017 for the homeowners meeting. May 6 is also designated as fire awareness day. Dave is going to check with Elk Creek Fire to make sure we can have a representative
from the department to speak at our meeting and encourage fire mitigation activities on properties. If the department is confirmed the Board will confirm May 6 for the annual homeowners meeting and prepare letter and mailer inserts.

Placement of Firewise Signs – The Board agreed to place signs near two of the three Community entrances. Dave will check with County to see if they put the sign up otherwise we’ll need to plan a work event to put the signs up this spring.

Update mailing list – Dave, Steve, Eileen, and Kent will work on updating the mailing list in the next three weeks. Dave will draft a letter to homeowners. The sign-up sheet from last year will be updated to solicit participation in the 2017 Chipper event.

Having covered the agenda the meeting was adjourned.