2015-06-09 Minutes

Conifer Mountain HOA Meeting
June 9, 2015
Ken Franc, Dave Jackson, Nancy Richardson, Neal Sholl, Don Jacobs, Jon McClure, Kellie McClure, and Stephen Reed

New board members were selected and voted into office:
Dave Jackson – President
Jon McClure – Vice President
Kellie McClure – Secretary
Nancy Richardson – Treasurer
Stephen Reed – Member at Large, Webmaster

All materials were transferred or are being planned to transfer to the new board members from outgoing board members at the board meeting.

Neal Sholl will email the current HOA mailing list to Dave, Jon, Kellie, and Nancy.  Mailings to Conifer Mountain homeowners are mailed 1 to 2 times per year.

At the Annual HOA Meeting in May there were a few people who signed up to serve on the Firewise Committee.  Dave will contact those people and board members to set up the first meeting of the
Firewise Committee.  Below are next steps and information on Firewise.

  • The assessment was completed for Conifer Mountain and will be available on our website.
  • More information regarding the process for becoming a Firewise Community can be found at,
  • The committee will put together an action plan on the steps to apply to become a Firewise Community.
  • As a community, we need to plan and have one Firewise event per year.
  • Anytime a homeowner spends in fire mitigation can be counted toward our Firewise application. The current calculated rate is $22.17 per hour for work done on your own property.
  • Homeowner can receive a tax break on mitigation done on their property.
  • Becoming a Firewise Community will allow us to apply for federal and state grant funding.
  • Some homeowner’s insurance policies will give discounts for being a Firewise Community. Homeowners will need to check with their insurance agent to see if discounts are available.

Stephen will work with Don to update our current website with WordPress or a modern website program.  The goal is to make this easier for Conifer Mountain homeowners to access information and make our website an educational resource.  Below are suggestions from the board to make the website more useful to homeowners.

  • Update website plat maps
  • Reorganize minutes with most recent first
  • Upload pictures of the area to a photo gallery
  • Update the membership application
  • Add a section titled “Did You Know”
  • Use larger fonts with tabs and menu on top of the page
  • Add sponsored ads

Stephen is looking into using Google Drive or another secure location that will be password protected to house old HOA documents.

Treasurer Update

  • Our current bank balance is $35,601.96.
  • So far in 2015, 32 houses paid HOA dues with 7‐8 being new owners to Conifer Mountain.  This is compared to 29 houses in 2014.
  • The board voted to renew our HOA insurance at a cost of approximately $1,700 per year.  This covers the board for $1 million per incident.  Dave is going to obtain bits from other insurance companies as a comparison.

Next roadside clean‐up will be Saturday, June 27.