2013-05-18 Minutes

May 18th, 2013

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association General Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Tom Ast, President. Neal Sholl member at large read the minutes of the last meeting.

First presenter was Elk Creek Fire Chief Bill Mclaughlin. He talked about fire protection and insurance company requirements and inspections. He talked about equipment upgrade, old fire trucks and pumpers at station #3 and a fire truck at Pine Jct. station will not pass the pumping test next year, which will result in the Elk Creek Fire department being downgraded for the entire district and raise everyone’s fire insurance rates ( with the exception of Kings Valley, as they have fire hydrants).

He stated he is trying to find funds to upgrade the tanker and pumper at fire station #3 for ~$700k and the fire truck at Pine Jct station with used equipment (not over 10 years old) about $700k for both trucks at station #3 and $100k for Pine Jct. fire truck. for the best rate on fire insurance one needs to be within 5 miles of at fire station and or have a hydrant within 1000 feet, that gives us a class 5 rating and without we would go up to a class 8 or more, the pumper and fire trucks need to be able to pump 5000 gal per minute to pass the tests.

The Elk Creek Fire board is currently discussing asking for a mil levy of 1.9 mills and .9 bond issue for the November elections. The board will have the final mill and bond issue decided by June 15, 2013. Most of the members at the at the meeting said if that was the final mill and bond issue askance they would support it.

The HOA discussed holding rummage sales and advertising in favor of the mill and bond issue if it is the 1.9 mill and .9 bond.

Chief Bill also stated that there were 3 ways to get rid of slash, burning (only when snowing and with a burn permit from Elk Creek, chipping and slash sites at Conifer High school). He discussed the proposed slash burner loader at Shaeffer’s Crossing biomass disposal (least desirable) would cost over $100k for start up, grinder and loader best option $1m for start up and individual chipping the best and most cost efficient method, with small piles spread around. The slash chip piles only burn about 3″ high but if in one big piles are hard to get out unless spread out.

Chief Bill stated that the recent snows have been very beneficial to the ground fuels, but not so much for the trees but have set the fire season back about 2 months.

Chief Bill Mclaughlin also mentioned some actions that were necessary to reduce costs, one of which was eliminating the Fire Marshall position. Because of this cost reduction, Elk Creek Fire District is no longer providing fire mitigation assessments for homeowners.

The pine beetle crisis is going towards the end of the cycle but the spruce bud worm and moth are ramping up their attacks on the trees.

Nancy Richardson-Treasurer gave her report on the finances. Certificate of Deposit $5,000.00

Interest Earned (total) $ 247.23 Money Market Account/Checking Balance as of May 1, 2012 $35,587.92


  • HOA Dues & Ads on Website $1,745.00
  • Interest $56.18 Total: $37,389.10


PO Box Rent $54.00 Website $93.83

Secretary of State Registration $10.00

Meeting Mailing $235.55

HOA 2012 Meeting Refreshments $17.08

Replace CM Sign $823.20

Linseed Oil for CM sign posts $26.10

Total Expenses: $1,259.76

Balance as of May 1, 2013 $36,129.34

Brad Huddleston with Splintered Forest tree removal, fire mitigation and chipping gave a presentation and mentioned that he give a 10% discount for services for Conifer Mountain Homeowners and to check his website or ours to schedule a appointment and or get a bid on a job.

In a previous board meeting, it was unanimously approved for any homeowners with paid up dues to get a $40 reimbursement if they have a receipt from a commercial chipper in addition to the discount give by the chippers.

The next presenter was Dave Jackson- vice president of the homeowners. Dave gave a presentation on the new Staunton State Park ( Ranger Jennifer Anderson was busy with the grand opening of the park but has been at the meeting in the past). Dave stated that the park is opened for day use only for two years and is phase 1 with fires only permitted in sanctioned fire grates and abiding with county fire restrictions that are in place. Fire mitigation in the park has mostly been done on the south and west sides of the park and only limited mitigation on Mason creek drainage which is next to Conifer Mountain, Dave will keep in touch with Jennifer on ongoing progress with the park.

Dave also gave a presentation on the progress with the fire egress off Stevens Way and he is keeping the fires stoked on this currently in the process with title companies on other possible routes and existing easements in place and is contacting some property owners to see if they would be agreeable to a fire egress with a gate that only the property owner and the fire department having the combination to, so it wouldn’t become a thoroughfare .

Two new board members were nominated and approved by unanimous votes.

Welcome to the new board members Kate Kalivoda and Ken Franc.

The meeting was closed by president Tom Ast.

Sincerely Tom Ast

President Conifer Mountain HOA