2013-03-27 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

March 27, 2013

Those in attendance: Neal Scholl
Nancy Richardson
Tom Ast
Vern Schmieden

We had a Savings balance of $ 36,276.58 and a CD of about $5000 earning about $4-$5 per month in interest.

We will ask Bill McLaughlin Elk Creek Fire Dept. to speak at the May 18, 2013 homowners meeting, and Tom will see if we can use station # 3 for the meeting. Tom will also check to see if Brad Huddleston of Splintered Forest could attend as a speaker and Nancy will contact Tim Harrison with Front Range Chipping. We will also see if Ranger Jennifer Martin of Staunton Park will be available. Nancy and Ruth will work on the postcards anouncing the meeting and contact the Hustler and High Timber Times to see if we can put a announcement in the paper.

It was moved by Nancy and seconded by Neal and unanumosly approved to rememburse all paid up homeowners $40 when the produce a paid receipt for chipping on their property.

We all commented that the sign company did a great job replacing the sign on Conifer Mtn Rd. and Nancy stated the sign company said we needed to redo the treatment on the signs every other year at a cost fo about $100.

Ruth had brought up placing another cistern, but Tom had talked to Elk Creek Fire marshal several times last year, and she had stated they did not need one or were persuing one at the present time and would let us know if they needed one. We voted to table the idea until Elk Creek Fire Department thinks we need an additional cistern.

Conifer Mountain trash cleanup will be sometime in June, and we will announce it at the HOA meeting.

Neal also wanted to bring up an insurance planner (Boomer Solutions) for mention at the meeting, we decided to mention him but not have him as a speaker.

We also discussed if all of the board memebers were willing to stay on. Tom, Nancy, Frank, and Neal stated they would. If any one drops out we will seek nominations at the HOA meeting for new nominations.

The next HOA meeting will be May 18, 2013.