2012-05-19 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2012

Meeting called to order. 46 people in attendance. Treasurers report given; Balance 5-1-12 $35,587.92 CD $5,241.99

Vacancies on board filled by election of Dave Jackson and Frank Fransioli.

Speaker Ranger Colin Chisholm gave an update on Staunton State Park. Clearing and Weed mitigation has started. Seventeen miles of trails will be finished this year and will be given names in the future. Fifty Conifer residence have volunteered their services. Some questions were raised regarding fire pits, drainage, and rock climbing (where allowed and liability). Thank you Ranger Colin for the update.

Our new Elk Creek Fire Chief Bill McLaughlin gave us a history of where he came from and how many years he has been involved with fire fighting and control. He talked about the 2004 Community Evacuation Policy put in place by the State of CO and that it has been updated. The problems with reverse 911 have been corrected. Reverse 911 was explained: Level 1 (call informing of fire in area), Level 2 (pack up and leave), Level 3 (Leave). The Chief also advised residence to make sure their cell numbers, land numbers, etc. are registered with the fire department. Discussion was made regarding our exit off the back side of the Mountain. A motion was made and seconded to have the new board sit down with the Chief to investigate what is involved to set up our platted access off Stephens Way. The motion passed. Questions were addressed regarding our Fire engine at Station 3 and we were assured that there will always be an engine at our station. Free home inspections are available to any residence who would like advice on fire mitigation, call the Elk Creek Fire Marshall (303-816-9385) for an appointment. Thank you Chief.

Brad Huddleston addressed the group and offered his services to our HOA Members at a discount if neighbors get together for slashing. The Board and Brad will set up dates He will also come and assess your property to advise cost involved in your situation of tree removal, etc. His e-mail is SplinteredForest@yahoo.com. Thank you Brad.

Tom Ast gave a report on the sale of the property and received feed back from those in attendance of suggestions on where they would like to see the money spent. (Monies for Shadow Mt. exit and money to assist HOA members in their slashing activities.) The new board will follow up on these suggestions and report to the community. Zuni Signs will start repair on signs.

Eileen Fransioli addressed the availability to have Emergency Call Boxes in our community. One suggestion was at the Fire Station #3 and Y at Conifer Mt. Rd. and Conifer Mt. Dr. There is no cost involved for this placement. Please contact her for suggestions at eileen.mcginnity@gmail.com

Road Cleanup is scheduled for June 23 (signs will be posted)

The meeting was adjourned. Ruth Schmieden, Secretary