2011-11-15 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2011

Those in attendance: Tom Ast
Ruth Schmieden
Nancy Richardson
Vern Schmieden

Old Business:

Update on Sale of Park Property- Tom, Neal, Ruth and Vern were present at the sale of Park Property, Lot 44, Unit 5. The property was listed and sold for $37,500.00 on Oct. 19. 2011. County taxes:$243.63, Commission @ 7% $2625.00, Settlement Fee: $112.50, Owner’s title insurance: $773.00, E-Recording Fee: $5.00: and Record Statement of Authority: $11.00, leaving a balance of $33,729.87. The HOA Board is investigating suggestions to propose at the May, 2012 Annual Meeting, (cost involved to secure emergency exit off the Christopher, Stephen’s Way to Shadow Mt. Rd. – Money for community Slashing – and other projects.)

The Elk Creek Fire Cistern, located on Lot 44, Unit 5, which the Conifer Mountain Homeowners paid $11,500.00 on Oct. 1999 was notarized as not part of the sale. This easement is in the process of being registered with Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Department.

Nancy and Vern are meeting to complete the tax exempt papers that need to be filed by the end of the year for Conifer Mt. Homeowners Association.

New Business:

Director & Officers liability Insurance; Director & Officers error and omissions Insurance: These insurances are being checked on by all the Board Members to find the best price.

Damaged Conifer Mt. Sign: Zuni Signs quoted a price of $673.00 which will replace the damaged sign and put a protection coat on all three signs at the cost of $75.00 a sign. The Board members present voted to have this done in the Spring of 2012.

A question was raised by Vern to have a committee investigate the by-laws. If anyone would like to be on this committee, let a Board member know.

Treasurer Report: Oct. 16, 2011:
Certificate of Deposit: $5,239.36
Savings Account $970.57
Checking Account $1,222.74

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ruth Schmieden, Secretary