2011-08-15 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

August 15, 2011

Those in attendance: Neal Sholl
Ruth Schmieden
Nancy Richardson
Bill Hatter
Vern Schmieden

Update on park property:

Jeffco Land and Zoning are in progress of finalizing Property sale of leach field encroachment on HOA park property, Unit 5, Lott 44, to Andy Ingraham for $700.00 for 0.035 acres, paid to HOA. Tom Ast, President, will be notified when paper work is completed and ready to close. .

Payment of Board coverage ($2,000,000) premium for one year $127.00 & lot liability of coverage of $695.00/year is due in October. The Board voted to pay the premiums due. A motion was made by Nancy and seconded by Bill to contact the realtor (8ZCOhomefinders) who advertises on our web site, and see about listing the park property with them. Motion passed. Neal and Ruth will contact the realtor.

Beth Graham, chaplain for Elk Creek Fire Department, sent an e-mail requesting for our HOA to participate in a Blue Ribbon Committee feedback. Nancy made a motion for Ruth and Vern to respond to Beth Graham as representatives of our HOA and investigate what is involved in participation with this committee. Bill seconded it. Motion passed.

Complaints have been made regarding our list of homeowners on our web site. A motion was made by Ruth and seconded by Nancy to remove our Conifer Mountain Property list on the web site. Motion passed. A disc will be available of all owners for the Board only.

A report was made by Vern and Nancy regarding our Association’s tax exempt status. The paper work must be completed by the end of 2011. Vern is in the process of investigating the paper work involved in this procedure.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ruth Schmieden, Secretary