2011-06-06 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2011

Old Business:
Jason Carey: A motion was made by Neal Sholl and seconded by Tom Ast that an e-mail from Tom be sent to Jason to let him know, we are not interested in his property (Unit 6 Lot 16).

New Business:
Tom and Vern gave reports regarding the encroachment on Our Property, Unit 5 Lot 44, in the amount of .035 acres by the leach field belonging to Rob Zilllioux, owner of Lot 43. After discussion regarding this matter and extensive investigation with Jefferson County Planning and Zoning and Exhibit B survey by Pitsker and Associates, Inc. our proposal is the following:

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association will sell the leach field plot of land that encroaches on our property that is located on Unit 5, Lot 44 that increases Lot 43, .035 acres, for the amount of $700.00 with the buyer assuming payment for all expense incurred for this transaction. This transaction will be drawn with the new property lines by an engineer with Jefferson County Planning & Zoning.

A letter will be sent to Rob Zillioux and copied to Re/Max Alliance Evergreen ATT: Dana Bossert by Tom regarding the above proposal.
A date for Conifer Mountain HOA Road Clean-up is scheduled for June 25. Signs will be posted June 19 and information will be posted on the web site.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ruth Schmieden, Secretary