2011-05-09 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2011

Election of Board:
President – Tom Ast, Vice President – Bill Hatter, Secretary – Ruth Schmieden, Treasurer – Nancy Richardson, Member at Large – Neil Sholl

Old Business:
Jason Carey: Regarding land he has offered to HOA. Board is investigating the offer but at this time is not interested.

Park Property Sale: With the vote being so close, and the new elected members not understanding details, the board feels adequate information was not put out for the board to move forward with any decision. We are putting out another mailing listing the information regarding the land and alternatives available before any action is taken. The by-laws were reviewed but nothing was clear regarding our situation.

Jim Veyera: Map printed for escape from Conifer Mountain in event of fire. Board okayed the map but would like the lines darkened. The map will be put on the Web Site. Thanks Jim for the work you did on this information
New Business:
Andy Ingraham came to board meeting, He is buying the property next to the HOA Park. The seller information said that the leaching field could be on part of the Park Property. He is taking the problem back to the seller for an adequate survey and will let us know the results.

Vern Schmieden ask if the HOA could get with the realtor that advertises on our web-site, Colorado Home Finders, for an update on Name and address list for our area. Board agreed for this process to be put in place.

Meeting closed at 8:30.

Respectively submitted,

Ruth Schmieden