2011-04-16 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2011

Reports were given by Secretary and Treasurer.

Old Business:
Staunton State Park update: Jennifer Martin speaker.

Jennifer Marten, Park Manager for Staunton State Park gave an overview on status of development . Maps were shared regarding, regional area, draft management, Social Overlay, Critical Land summary, Master Plan (final plan), etc. The State is looking at an opening day 2012. We were encouraged to become a Partner with them: Volunteer, Historian, weed warriors, fund raising , and best of all a contributor. Jennifer’s e-mail is Jennifer.marten@state.co.us and her phone # is 303-816-0912 if you have any questions or want to be involved.

New Business:
Jason Carey spoke to the group to see if our HOA is interested in his 5 acre plot behind the fire station. He has spoke with Open Space to see if they are interested in the land. We decided the board would look into the situation but feel we would probably not be interested at this time..

May 3 election Regarding Conifer Rec. District. Speakers: Alyson Thayer and Michael Murphy

Alyson Thayer gave information on the reason she encouraged a yes vote. A Park and Rec. District would provide a cultural art and athletic opportunities for our community. If the Park and Rec District is established , funds would be available to our community from GOCO (Lottery Funds) $70,000. Alyson encouraged people to vote for this to be organized to benefit our community and keep the revenue in Conifer instead of on the front range. She would be glad to meet with community leaders and is open to pursuing area resources . This vote is to establish a district only. No Tax increase or mill levy would be involved at this time. The Voting is at the West Jeff Elementary School on May 3 .

Michael Murphy gave information on why he is against this vote. The people involved with putting this election together have a document (contract) put in place for forming this governing Board. It will involve 102 miles for this district. They have no commitment or master plan put in place. No Budget for foreseeing operation has been provided. The resources they claim they will receive from GOCO is a deception. Michael gave percentages that other Rec District operate with and 35% of the income comes from tax to the property owner, 35% comes from the paid revenue, those using the facilities, and only 4 to 7% is given by the State (GOCO). If this passes you will be voting to establish a tax district with no master plan in place and this rec. district will need tax revenue. You can get more information on NoRecDistrict.ORG.

They both encouraged us all to get out and Vote on May 3.

Voting on the sale of Conifer Mt. Park property.

Vern Schmieden made a motion “If the vote came back to sell the property, the board would pursue selling the property, and if the vote came back , no, the board would pursue either donating the property to Elk Creek Fire or keeping the property as it is”. The motion was seconded and passed.

The floor was open to Q&A regarding the Park Property. Voting Ballots for the okay to sell the Park property were counted. The decision was made to sell( 9 to 8). The Board will look into the bylaws to determine what margin is needed to act on this vote.

The floor was open for nomination for the two vacancies on the board. Tom Ast and Neil Sholl were voted in. Thank you Carol Ziller for your commitment to the HOA.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45.

Respectively submitted,

Ruth Schmieden