2009-08-22 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

August 22, 2009

Election of officers;
Dave Abernethy       President
Ruth Schmieden      Secretary
Darlene Pickett        Vice-President
Nancy Richardson    Treasurer
Carol Ziller    Member at Large

Garage Sale:  Saturday, August 29.  Darlene will put signs out at all the entrances on Wed. August 26.

Slash removal:  Splintered Forest, LLC,  Brad Huddleston, 303-819-9840, Has completed slash removal for several owners on the Mountain.  Dave is contacting Brad for additional dates this Fall.  When these dates are confirmed we will post them on the Web-site.

Treasurer Report.   $1470.04    Savings Account
510.46    Checking Account
5000.00    CD

Liability Insurance of $730.00 is due October 2009.  A motion was made by Darlene and Seconded by Carol to pay the amount of insurance due.

Vern Schmieden briefly discussed the emergency fire exit off Stevens Way.  Bruce Riley , Vern and the fire department are working on this project.

Margie Abernethy will be working the current membership and homeowner’s list to get email addresses.

Our next board meeting will be Oct 16 at 6:30 at Nancy Richardson.  The board members have been ask to review our bylaws and covenants for discussion.

Respectively submitted,

Ruth Schmieden