2009-06-27 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Home Owner’s Association
General Membership Meeting Minutes
Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meeting Start: 10:00 a.m.
Meeting Held at Elk Creek Fire Station #3 – Corner of Beas & Timothys

Dave Abernethy, Board President, opened the meeting by welcoming the attendees and
introducing the current slate of board members and HOA committee chairs:
In attendance:
Dave Abernethy – Board President
Darlene Pickett – Board Secretary
Nancy Richardson – Board Treasurer
Jim Veyera – Board Member at Large
Vern Schmieden – Architectural Committee
Absent: Don Jacobs – Vice President and Webmaster

He announced that two current board members, Don Jacobs and Jim Veyera would be stepping down, leaving two board positions available to the membership. Don Jacobs has agreed to stay
on board as the Conifer Mountain HOA Webmaster. We are very proud of the job that Don is doing for the HOA to keep our website current, useful and helpful to our community. We also thank Jim Veyera for all of his tenured insight and help with his work on the board.

Darlene Pickett, Board Secretary, announced that the board was able to find insurance coverage for board member liability and the 2 acre undeveloped property still owned by the HOA. The cost was $842 per year, effective October 23, 2008, renewable on October 23, 2009. The coverage is $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate. The insurance is through American Family Insurance, Michael Cobb – Littleton, CO.

Darlene also reviewed HOA membership costs and benefits. Membership in the Conifer Mountain HOA remains at $35 per year, which includes a fire sign if so requested. The association is further raising funds by offering an additional level of membership for an
additional $15 allowing HOA members to advertise their businesses on the CMHOA website. At this date we had three posted ads and one more coming.

Nancy Richardson read the Treasurer’s Report into record. There was also a call to encourage those in attendance to reach out to their neighbors to get more involved in the CMHOA by  becoming paid members and participating in events, committees, meetings and activities. Nancy indicated that she received no membership payments until the postcard mailer went out, indicating that it would be helpful to do this at the beginning of each year to encourage
payment via reminders.

Darlene indicated that having a database of email addresses would enable us to keep in contact with regard to membership and other communications at no charge… thus saving the HOA coffer hundreds of dollars per mailing.

Dave Abernethy read into record the quarterly Sheriff’s report for Conifer Mountain. For the first quarter of 2009, we had 13 home burglaries, with one home being locked… and 43 car break-ins with only two vehicles having been locked.

Brad Huddleston of Splintered Forest, LLC presented a discount offer to residents of Conifer Mountain for slash chipping and removal at a reduced price of $125 per hour, billed to the
nearest quarter hour. His customary price is $225 per hour.

Vern Schmieden reviewed the Stevens Way emergency exit plan after having ridden the driveway with Jim Veyera and walking the logging trail from the driveway to Shadow Mountain Road with Bruce Riley (Elk Creek Fire Department Board Member). Bruce feels there appears to be a good chance that funds to make this exit viable will be available from Jefferson County or Elk Creek Fire Department or both. The funds will be used to do the work required to clear the areas needed, put gates and locks in place and get the correct access for the emergency exit. Vern will continue to follow up with those officials.

Vern also presented information received from the State Forestry Service on the life cycle of Pine Beetle and other tree infestations and diseases, including maps that have been made available to the membership on the HOA website at: www.conifermountain.org.

Don Jacobs was not available to review website updates, but it was noted that updates to both the Staunton State Park and Conifer Recreation Center projects were available as links on the
website, as well as several NEW links to the State Forestry Service via CSU, Jefferson County Emergency Preparedness, Colorado State Emergency Preparedness and Pinecam.

Darlene Pickett brought in several hundred JeffCo Emergency Preparedness booklets and reminder refrigerator magnets for the membership to have. Additional quantities remain
available upon request to darlene@conifermountain.org.

Nancy Richardson lead the discussion of the new vacant board positions. Upon the start of the meeting, the board had received only one submission for nomination, from Ruth Schmieden,
former Board member and secretary. Ruth addressed the room and submitted in writing: “To be an active member used wherever
needed as a support to our community enforcing the CMHOA by-laws which we helped to develop in 1974.”

There was a call to the floor for any other interested parties, reminding all that only paid members were eligible to request nomination and/or to vote.

Carol Ziller of Pauls Drive indicated her interest in serving on the board. After a final call, the board received no other volunteers.

Vern Schmieden made a motion that the two nominations be accepted as they stood. Dave Abernethy seconded the motion. The election held by voice vote was unanimous. Darlene
Pickett indicated that a Board meeting would follow shortly and officer designations would be discussed and voted on at that time.

A call was made for any open items for discussion. Margie Abernethy volunteered to work on homeowner lists… addresses and phone numbers where available, to assist the board in
building a viable email distribution list.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.