2008-09-03 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Home Owner’s Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In attendance:
Dave Abernethy – Board President
Darlene Pickett – Board Secretary
Nancy Richardson – Board Treasurer
Vern Schmieden – Board Architectural
Jim Veyera – Member at Large
Don Jacobs – Board Vice President

ITEM ONE: treasurer’s report (Nancy Richardson)
Savings: $1,881.92
Certificate of Deposit: $5,000
Checking: $ 749.39 (all bills for 2008 have been paid, including the purchase of road signs)
Total liquid assets: $7631.31

News signs will be kept in our locked cabinet at the Fire Station

Registration of our HOA with the Secretary of State has cost us $10 per year. There is a potential increase to $15-$50/year, pending notification.

ITEM TWO: HOA liability insurance (Darlene Pickett)
Two bids were secured for liability insurance covering the HOA membership for the 2 acre land plot owned by the association, as well as board of directors liability protection. (Darlene Pickett and Nancy Richardson)

The estimate from American Family Insurance was the most cost effective with an estimate of $842 for $1M/$2M per year.
The current budget allows for this expense. A vote was taken and passed. The purchase will be made following the requirements of the ByLaws, as a part of the HOA budget. Darlene Pickett will transact with American Family Insurance to complete the purchase.

ITEM THREE: Conifer Mountain HOA clean up signs
There was a discussion to move the cleanup and and road cleanup responsibility from Kennedy Gulch road to the entrance to Conifer Mountain property. Dave Abernethy volunteered to follow up with county authorities (Laura Uselton(?) to move our road sponsorship sign.

ITEM FOUR: Plat Map is missing for Unit One
The Plat Map for Unit one is not available in our files nor on the website. Jim Veyera and Vern Schmieden both offered to look into it with the county to see if we could obtain a digital image To place on our website.

ITEM FIVE: Dirt Bike Complaint – Kings Valley side
We have not heard any further complaints. Dave Abernethy will follow up with the complainant to ensure concerns have been addressed. Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff has also addressed the issue.

ITEM SIX: Fire mitigation/Fire escape route concerns
Vern Schmieden offered to take a look at the current fire escape trail (old logging trail) to ensure it is still passable in case of a fire emergency. Don Jacobs is still working with Staunton State Park rangers for fire mitigation efforts affecting Conifer Mountain home owners.

ITEM SEVEN: Board Meeting to set Agenda for the next Home Owner’s Assn meeting Board members to determine October meeting (est. October 20th) to determine agenda to hold tentative HOA Membership meeting in November. Dave Abernethy to advise meeting place availability.

ITEM EIGHT: Pine Beetles
The fact is that pine beetles are moving our way. It was proposed that the board contact
someone from the forestry department to speak at our next HOA membership meeting, and
post information about Pine Beetle and other tree disease infestation prevention and
treatment on the HOA website.

ITEM NINE: Membership
The board will reach out to all Conifer Mountain home owners to encourage membership, emphasizing the important benefits of volunteer membership. Important issues that may be voted on include – disposition of 2 acre land plot – fire mitigation concerns (both seasonal and in conjunction with the development of Staunton State Park) – forestry issues (include Pine Beetle infestation) – opportunity for networking with other homeowners. It was suggested that we reach out to homeowners in an upcoming postcard, asking the membership to provide their email addresses so the board can be proactive with future information communications in a more timely and cost effective manner.

ITEM TEN: Access to Firehouse for meetings
Dave Abernethy will obtain the combination for access from the fire house.

Meeting Adjourned