2008-06-11 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Home Owner’s Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Wednesday – June 11, 2008
Convened: 6:30pm
Adjourned: 8:15pm

In attendance:
Don Jacobs – Board Vice President
Jim Veyera – Member at Large
Nancy Richardson – Board Treasurer
Dave Abernethy – new board member
Darlene Stapleton-Pickett – new board member

Vern Schmieden – Board Architectural

The first order of business was to appoint officers with the recent addition of the two replacement board members, Dave Abernethy and Darlene Stapleton-Pickett. The current board members indicated that they would like to continue on with their existing positions on the board. Dave Abernethy accepted the position of Board President, and Darlene Stapleton-Pickett accepted the Board Secretary position.

The second order of business was to discuss and frame a plan for disposition of the one parcel of land remaining that is owned by the Conifer Mountain Home Owner’s Association, with approximately 2
acres of land. The concern about maintaining this land for any determined future use are the liability risks and insurance costs to cover both the land and the board members. An easement for the existing sistern on that property to the Elk Creek Fire Department is also needed. Dave Abernethy agreed to draw up a template for an RFP outlining insurance needs and will also contact
his insurance agent for a quote. Darlene Stapleton-Pickett agreed to contact her insurance agent in kind, as did Nancy Richardson. The board members will email the information received from these
inquiries to one another by July 1, 2008. Once the costs are compared with available funds in the budget, the board will be able to begin a determination process. Nancy said she would contact Ruth Smeiden to retrieve contact of an attorney who once offered Pro Bono advice for the HOA.

The problem with the trash on the property on Paul’s Drive appears to be resolved. Vern Schmieden talked to the individuals who registered the complaint. He will write a note to the residents responsible for the problem to thank them for their compliance to CMHOA’s request.

Don Jacobs, who maintains the HOA’s website, indicated that the Plat Map for Unit 1 of Conifer Mountain is not available to publish on the website. Jim Veyera said he would be able to locate them
for subsequent publication.

There have been several complaints of ATV noise from Kings Valley East. Dave Abernethy will check on the status of the complaint and post a complaint to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department if this is still an issue after further research.

By unanimous consent, 2 additional signs for the annual Conifer Mountain Clean up Project will be purchased for $60 each, and new checks for the association will be ordered at a cost of approximately
$20.00. Current checks are outdated with 19___, rather than 20___. Two gallons of stain protector will be purchased to maintain our fabulous Conifer Mountain entrance signs. Nancy volunteered to
purchase and paint the posts.

The annual Conifer Mountain Cleanup project will be held on Saturday, June 21st. Dave Abernethy will lead the effort this year.

Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Richardson
Dues Paid 2008: $1,030
Mail Box Rent: ($42.00)
Clean up Signs: ($195.21)
Fire Signs for six members: ($ 60.00)
Checking Acct Balance: $550.20
Savings Acct Balance: $1,775.00

Website Administration: Don Jacobs
Don Jacobs will update the website with updated meeting minutes from the last general session as well as all future board meetings. Board member names and contacts will also be updated in the coming weeks. He will issue email addresses for the boards two new members.

Current Membership and Membership Drive:
Nancy indicated that membership this year is up from last year. We now have approximately 40 members versus last year’s 14. With approximately 300 current homeowners on Conifer Mountain, that
is still sadly low. Darlene Stapleton-Pickett agreed to take on the coordination of a membership drive by communicating,
promoting and increasing the benefits of membership.

Communications and Costs:
Nancy raised the idea of mailing a postcard rather than newsletter to homeowners. This would save the association postage and time.
Darlene indicated that we could use the postcard to direct and introduce/re-introduce homeowners to our website. Here they can find additional information on the community and register on line with their email addresses so we can build a “blind” email distribution list. We can then begin to move forward with electronic notifications of community meetings, events, and news and information of note. (i.e., Staunton State Park progress, fire mitigation, the new Conifer Recreation Center and other pertinent
and helpful information for both new residents and those who have been here for awhile.

Meeting adjourned: 8:15pm