2007-06-09 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

June 9 , 2007

Meeting was held in the parking lot of the Fire house due to locked building.

Deputy Brooks, Jefferson County Sheriff’s office spoke on speed limits on the mountain.  They have been patrolling the mountain and will come more often if requested.  He also addressed the issue of barking dogs, animal control, and burglary. Handed out information  regarding how to burglar proof your residence.

Scott Roush, Park Manager, Colorado State Parks, gave update on Staunton State Park (1600 acres), Elk Falls parcel (1,042 acres), Davis parcel (860 acres) and the recent acquisition of the Chase parcel (80 acres) making a total of 3,582 acres. Scott handed out booklets of information and ask if any had questions contact his web site scottroush@state.co.us.

Joanna Moreno, Director of Groundwater Service,  spoke on the current conditions of our ground water on the mountain.  Our water shed is Turkey Creek and has dropped 20’ to 30‘ 1970 – 1999 due to new development.  Joanna recommended testing of our water periodically.  She shared that with rain and snow run off 90% returns to the water shed.  Any questions please contact her web site denjlm@yahoo.com.

Treasurers Report was handed out.  Our outgoing funds in 2006 were $1303.98.  Posted on the web site.

Old Business:  Trails Committee, Don Jacobs gave update on possible trails connecting to Stauton State Park. 

Slash Committee, schedule was printed in the newsletter.

Highway clean -up Kennedy Gulch Road scheduled June 23,  meet at Fire house at 9:00 for vests and trash bags.

New Business:  Election of Board Members.  Don Jacobs, and Jim Veyera were appointed by the board when Laura Usleton and Tom Ask couldn’t attend  Board meetings. We  presented them and opened floor for further nominations  No one wanted to fill the open positions. A motion was made and seconded to accept the nominations presented by the board.  Alan Bonsor was to go off the board but those present ask him to serve another term.  New Board Members are:  Alan Bonsor, Nancy Richardson, Don Jacobs, Jim Veyera, and Ruth Schmieden.

Discussion was held regarding our Park Property on Conifer Mt. Drive.  Board is investigating Liability Insurance, Taxes, and possible sell of property.  Nothing will be done until all property owners are contacted.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:00.   

Respectfully submitted,  Ruth Schmieden secretary