2005-11-05 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

November 5 , 2005

Alan opened meeting submitting names of Ruth Schmieden and Don Jacobs to fill the vacancies on the Board of Directors for Secretary and Member at Large until the election of new Board at the annual May meeting.

Ruth Schmieden shared the history of the Homeowners Association and the by-laws that were put in place in l975 and recorded with Jefferson County, to enforce the covenants and encourage the development of a community.  Ruth shared the benefits of being a community and listed some of the accomplishments achieved by the Homeowners Association since that period.

Treasures report was given by Nancy and discussed.  Some had issues regarding money spent on Lawyers Fee exceeding the amount of $700.  Alan and Nancy agreed they were also surprised by the bill and would not let that happen again. Nancy showed Elk Creek Fire signs with addresses on them and said anyone who paid their dues would receive one for their property.

Alan discussed the Oct. meeting where a poll was taken regarding whether those present would like Homeowners Association membership to be mandatory and those who would like it to remain voluntary. The vote was tied.  According to the by-laws this vote must be taken to all property owners. There was much discussion regarding this and many questions.  Vern Schmieden made a motion for a straw poll of those present for the Association to remain voluntary membership. It was seconded and discussed.  The vote was 17 for voluntary, 6 for mandatory, 6 abstained.

Bruce Riley, our Fire Chief and neighbor, shared information regarding the fire Thursday Morning, Nov. 3, 2005 down by Richmond Hill which burned 4 acres. A beetle kill tree that fell on a live power line started it.  Elk Creek and the State Forrest Service are doing controlled burns in our area to reduce fire danger.  Anchor point investigators are on the Mountain checking out our homes to see if a fire truck can make it up our driveways and be able to turn around, location of our homes, and any recommended slash removal. We are allowed to burn slash with a permit issued by Elk Creek Fire Main Office.  Bruce shared diagram how we as homeowners need to clear slash around our homes and check out trees on power lines and report them to IREA.

Laura Uselton proposed that we as an association adopt the Kennedy Gulch Road from 285 up 2 miles for trash pick up twice a year.  The new signs will have CMHA on them.  Many agreed to help.

The meeting was closed at 11:45 AM.