2004-07-17 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 am by President Ted Morris

Old Business:

The first order of business was the status update on the natural gas installation on the mountain. Representatives from Colorado Natural Gas came and spoke about the progress being made on the installation of the gas lines, where they are in the process, and the timeline for which areas to be installed. The plan is to have all the lines installed and running by mid September.

The reps stayed for the meeting afterwards to answer any individual questions about the gas line installation.

Next, the secretary, Jocelyne Morris, indicated that the minutes from the last meeting were available for distribution, and were posted on the website.

No treasurer’s report was available.

New business:

Ted reported that complaints have been made about signs (such as realtor signs, etc.) being removed/stolen from alongside the streets. There is nothing illegal about having these sign on the roadside, but he reminded people that they should remove the signs when the activity is finished (after the open house, party, etc.)

Road striping has been an issue on the mountain, since they did not do any last year. The county says that it depends on the traffic usage of the roads. Ted noted that the striping had been partially done on Conifer Mountain Drive, and the rest will be finished in the next few weeks.

Road grading has not been a priority for our dirt roads, according to Randy Ivey of Jeffco Road & Bridge (Shaffers Crossing). However, Ted indicated that if enough homeowners call to voice their concerns to Jeffco about more grading, maybe they might make it higher priority. Since Ted has been contacting Jeffco about the grading issue, not much has been done, because he is only one voice, and he doesn’t have the power to make it happen. Unless more of us call Jeffco.

The putting of recycled asphalt on other roads on the mountain, are again a low priority for the county. Christopher’s Drive was done again recently, but there are no immediate plans by the county to lay the asphalt on other roads. Again, it depends on the traffic numbers. But the long term plan is to put it down, but depending on county funds.

Ted talked about fire mitigation, but since we have had a lot of rain recently, not much was discussed, nor was a firefighter available to speak. He did mention that the fire department will come out to your property free of charge to assess your fire risks, and recommend what you can do to mitigate that risk.

New Board members were elected as follows:

President Ted Morris
Vice President Anne McCallum
Treasurer Nancy Richardson
Secretary Jocelyne Morris
Member at large Sharon Sherman

A new website administrator was obtained by a volunteer, since Jerry Greyson was moving out of the area. Don Jacobs volunteered to maintain the website.

Ted reported that recently, there were some burglaries in the area. We should be more aware of keeping our cars and doors locked, even though are not in city, we are more isolated, and an easy target for the burglars, since homes are spread out, and people cannot see the activity easily.

Ted mentioned that to be aware of speeders, that the sheriff’s has had some patrollers in the area to catch speeders. He reminded that for those who wish to go much slower, to pull over and let others pass that want to go faster.

Nancy Richardson announced that she is collecting aluminum cans for recycling for an Alzheimer’s organization. Those who have cans can call her at 303-838-9768.

Ted indicated that if we had a recycling bin available, say at the fire station, would anyone use it. A show of hands indicated interest. Ted said that it would be looked into and will be discussed at next meeting.

A homeowner (name unknown) indicated that there is a noxious weed problem on the mountain. They are the yellow flax-like flowers you see growing alongside the roads. They are spread by the roots and seed. It is best to use Round-up or pull them out.

Ted asked for opinions from the group about the use of the mag chloride on the roads during winter. The consensus was that if it could be eliminated, that would be preferred. Ted was going to check with county to see of it could be done.

Another homeowner, realtor Dave Kittrell, mentioned that there was new proposal law by Jeffco regarding “water overlay”. It means that properties over 6200 ft elevation and less than 12 acres would require a geological study when sold. This could have a big impact on homes sold in our area should this become law. Hearings at the county are being held to discuss the impact. More information to come at the next meeting.

Someone inquired about the status of the Staunton state park, and access. Ted said it was unknown at this time, and that he would contact the ranger to give us an update at the next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.