2003-12-04 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2003

Meeting was called to order by President Ted Morris at 7:00pm.

Old business was discussed:

The treasurer’s report on account balances was announced.

The result from last summer’s vote on the sale of the land parcel was overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the property.

New Business:

Ted has contacted Jeffco Road & Bridge regarding the re-striping of Conifer Mtn roads, but has not received any response.

He also indicated that he had noticed that several times, trash had been dumped on the side of the roads on the mountain, more recently old appliances. He said that if you see anyone dumping trash, to get the license number and description of the vehicle or people, and call Jeffco Sheriff to report it. It is illegal to dump trash, which is considered littering, and carries a $1,000 fine.

Ted was also going to inquire about getting the county to put up wildlife signs on the mountain, so people will slow down and be more aware of the wildlife.

New membership benefits were announced. For each new or renewal membership for this year, a free reflective address sign would be given. In addition, for those members whose mailboxes are damaged and/or destroyed by vandals, a $20 rebate would be given with proof of purchase of new mailbox.

It was suggested that someone look into getting a trash company quote/discount for the homeowners on the mountain.

A suggestion was made to look into getting a contract with a snow plow company for the mountain. However, it was mentioned that it would be too much trouble to get one company to commit or do it, since most people do their own plowing, and there are many companies that do it. A suggestion was made to compile a list of snow plow companies to put on the website.

A Holiday decorating contest was announced, with flyers passed around. The contest would be posted on the website also. Deadline for entries is December 18th. The board would judge the contest. Prizes include gift certificates to Home Depot, and Safeway.

Other Items discussed/ suggested:

Someone suggested that why don’t we do the adopt a road for Conifer Mountain Road again? It would take a volunteer to organize it and a commitment from those to do the trash pickup.

It was also suggested that we have a Neighborhood watch on the mountain. Apparently, Christopher’s Drive is already doing one. Board member will get information and post on the website.

A homeowner expressed concerns that Marys Drive is dark and has no reflective markers to see the turnoff from Conifer Mtn Drive. Ted will follow up with the county.

Ted discussed the paving of dirt roads on the mountain. Christophers and Marys Drive are done. Timothys and other road are scheduled for next year.

Harry Davis and Tom Barrett from Colorado Natural Gas attended to announce the installing of natural gas lines on Conifer Mountain next summer. The plan is to begin installing sometime in April, provided enough homes sign up to convert.

In January, the company will distribute flyers on each home’s doors to announce the service. The deadline is July 15th. Each homeowner interested in converting must set up an appointment with Colorado Natural Gas to come out and do a footprint of the property to determine how much line must be installed.

The company will spend $2,053 to install the line at no charge, up to 484 feet from the road & 2 risers. Extra feet are $3, and risers are $50. It will install the line only up to the house. Conversion of appliances is at extra cost. If you do not sign up now to get the lines installed, you can do so later, but it will not be free.

The plan is to install lines on all of Conifer Mtn., except the lower portion of Kings Valley (which is served by Excel). They will need a magic number (???) of homes committed before digging begins in April or May.

Once the lines are installed and running, you must sign up for the natural gas service within 2 months, or else they will bill you for the cost of installing the lines. The minimum monthly charge is $10, whether or not any gas is used. A budget plan is available to spread the cost of the gas over the year.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm.