2003-05-17 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

May 17, 2003

The President, Ted Morris, called the meeting to order. at 10:00am

There was no old business to discuss. The secretary made available minutes from the last meeting on December 7, 2002.

The Treasurer reported bank balances.

A representative from Carter Burgess Company was invited to speak about the update on the 285 Corridor project. She said that the state is now conducting studies on the continuation of the widening of 285 south to Bailey from Foxton Road. She indicated that the project calls for no lights or intersections, with one directional lane in certain segments, and 2 directional lanes in other segments, such as uphill.

Public meetings are to be held in July & August on the project.

A representative from Jefferson County Sheriff came and gave a crime update. There have been cars stolen in the area, primarily because keys are left in the cars. The sheriff stressed to not leave your keys or cars running to avoid this problem. In addition, there was a burglary on Kennedy Gulch. because the homeowners left the doors unlocked. A yellow Mercedes Benz was suspiciously seen in the area, and might be a suspect. Contact the sheriff if you see this vehicle or any suspicious characters around. The sheriff also noted that there has been speeding on Kennedy Gulch Rd, and they will continue to monitor the issue.

Russ Nelson from the Elk Creek Fire Department spoke on fire mitigation and fire prevention on the mountain. It was stressed that mitigation on your property is the best way to help save your house in the event of a fire on Conifer Mountain. In addition, you should update your homeowner’s policy to make sure you have enough coverage.

Mr. Nelson explained how reverse 911 works, should there be a fire. It will not work if you have caller ID blocking. He said you should keep some important items in a box that you can take with you immediately should a reverse 911 happens.

He also said to plan an escape route – such as Kennedy Gulch or Kings Valley Rds. A new route is being investigated on Stevens Way.

In the event of an evacuation, keep your lights on, doors unlocked, get ladders and garden houses out if possible. Firefighters and authorities will do triage on evacuated homes to check if they are defensible. Mitigation is the biggest help. Remove underbrush and branches on trees to 6-8 ft from the ground. This only helps to contain the fire if neighbors also do it. It helps to reduce the spread of crown fires.

President Ted Morris then spoke about an update from Jefferson County Road & Bridge, on the issues relating to the blizzard in March. Ted indicated that Jeffco did the best they could do, because they had 24 people working over 100 square miles. The problem was that the snow was very wet, making it heavy for the equipment to plow. Because this was the “storm of the century”, there was no possible way to be prepared for that much snow. They had to keep the main roads clear first, and then eventually get to the side roads, as soon as the storm stopped.

Ted noted that Fire station #3 was open the entire time of the storm, with the road cleared to the station from the south side of Timothys Drive.

The next agenda item was discussion on the sale of the lot that the association owns. The last meeting discussed options on what to do with the property, so a mailing will be sent out to all paid HOA members as to whether the membership wants to sell the property or not. Once the vote is cast, then we can discuss the options if it is kept.

A community garage sale will be held the 3rd Saturday in July – July 19th at the fire station. The association will put an ad in the local paper and put up signs. Anyone can bring items to sell at the fire station on that day, and you can keep your own proceeds.

Local homeowner Sandy Lowe organized a propane buyers group for the residents. He is working on getting a contract to buy in bulk for any interested parties. The deadline is June 1st. Contact Sandy for more information. Mailers will be distributed to all homeowners.

President Ted stressed the importance of using the website,www.conifermountain.org to get the latest information on the HOA and the mountain. It was used extensively during the blizzard.

Send your email address to the link on the website to get on a mailing list for updates.

A suggestion was made to look into getting a trash company contract, similar to the propane contract.

Someone also wanted to get a update on Elk Crossing shopping center at the next meeting.