2002-12-07 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association

Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2002

The fall meeting of the Conifer Mountain Homeowners’ Association (CMHOA) was held on
Saturday, December 7, 2002 at 10:00 am at the Elk Creek Fire Station No 3.

Meeting was called to order by the new board President, Ted Morris. Agenda for the meeting was as follows

Introduce new board members
Discussion of water rights
Re-establishing CMHOA web page
Lot owned by the CMHOA
Wireless service for Conifer Mountain
Mountain Resource Center
Staunton Park

New board members were introduced

President Ted Morris
Vice President Bill Farr
Secretary Jocelyne Morris
Treasurer Carol Haskins
Member-at-large Jerry Greyson
Member-at-large David Kittrell


At the previous CMHOA meeting, water rights were discussed, and how the wells in Kings Valley affect the homeowner’s on Conifer Mountain. This issue was discussed in length again. Through research and other sources, permits in Kings Valley are legal, and CMHOA has no legal standing against the residents of Kings Valley if our wells are dry or low.

Concerns were raised that some homeowners have had well problems, such a low recovery, and no water, resulting in new drilling.

The suggestion was made to create group of homeowners whose purpose would be to make a study to check wells on Conifer Mtn. and make guidelines.

A previous water study showed no trends in the decrease of water on Conifer Mtn.

One suggestion was to adjudicate your well. This process gives you (individual homeowner) water rights. It requires filing paperwork and paying a fee to the water court in Greeley. However, the association cannot do this for all homeowners. Each homeowner should adjudicate his/her own well, if desired.

A water committee was suggested, and a sign up sheet was started.

The CMHOA website is up and running. However, it is still under construction. Jerry Greyson will be the webmaster. The web address is www.conifermountain.org.

Suggested items to put on the website are association communications, water rights information, local homeowner’s business information, bulletin board.

Ideas for website can be directed to Jerry Greyson or left as a comment on the site’s home page.

On the subject of communication, it was requested that no one put any bills on the Conifer Mtn. signs that are at the entrances. In addition, Carol Haskins mentioned that someone stole one of the meeting signs. The sign was at the Kings Valley entrance.

Some homeowners’ suggested that it would be a good idea to decorate the Conifer Mtn. signs for the holidays. Since it was too late for this year, a committee will be formed. The committee will meet and suggest decorations for the signs for next year.

Kate Rosenthal from the Mountain Resource Center in Conifer was in attendance. Also a Conifer Mtn. resident, she explained that the resource center (located next to Safeway), offers classes in family relations, budgeting, and other social issues. Their website link is available on the CMHOA website.

The lot owned by the association was discussed and the issue was what should the association do with it. The property taxes have doubled in the past year, and several people raised the issue that we should either sell the lot, or do something with it.

At one time, there was a verbal agreement with the three adjacent lot owners that they would reimburse the association for the taxes, in return for the association not selling or building on the lot. However, the payment of these taxes is voluntary, and the association has no legal agreement to collect the tax reimbursements, which are in arrears.

Several suggestions to do with the lot:

  •     Sell it

  •    Convert to a public/private park/picnic area to homeowners’ use. (picnic tables, horseshoe pit, no fires)

  •    Mitigate the area, so it will increase value. (need volunteers to do this)

Other concerns rose about turning the property into a park:

  • Teens loitering on the property – noise, trash issues

  • Liability issues

  • Other non-Conifer mountain residents using the property

  • “Policing” the property.

A park committee was formed and a sign up sheet was started.

A presentation by Brad McGann of Wispertel was made to inform people of the availability of wireless internet service on Conifer Mountain. Wispertel had equipment set up to demo their services.

The issue was brought up about the availability of the communication tower on the top of the rocks next to the fire station, to be used for wireless internet antennae. However, Brad of Wispertel indicated that the tower is not required, since there are 3 antennae already on Conifer Mtn. providing wireless internet service.

Joe Brand from the Colorado State Parks was in attendance to discuss the status of opening Staunton State Park. The park is in a holding pattern due to other parks being developed, in addition to access issues. Information about the park and when it will be completed can be obtained by contacting Joe Brand.

Joe discussed that matching funds from the state for wildfire mitigation are available to homeowners. It requires you to use the funds to supplement your expenses to mitigate your property.

To call for mitigation analysis, residents can contact the Jeffco emergency services, the Colorado State Forestry or Elk Creek Fire Dept.

The meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.