2009-06-04 Minutes

Conifer Mountain Home Owner’s Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Thursday, June 4, 2009

In attendance:
Dave Abernethy – Board President
Don Jacobs – Board Vice President
Darlene Pickett – Board Secretary
Nancy Richardson – Board Treasurer
Vern Schmieden – Board Architectural
Jim Veyera – Member at Large

Meeting Start: 6:30pm
Meeting Held at Nancy Richardson’s Home

A new meeting date was established by those in attendance as Saturday, June 27
th at 10am at
the Elk Creek Fire Station #3. Dave Abernethy will coordinate access with the fire station. Don
Jacobs will post the new meeting date and time on the website. Agenda items were discussed
and finalized.
Darlene Pickett will design, print and mail out the General Meeting Announcement on a post
card and resubmit to the Board for final approval before mailing. Darlene will also create and
print out the meeting agenda and bring these to the meeting on June 27th. Darlene will absorb
all of these costs in exchange for sponsoring the mailing with her business advertisement on
the post card. Vern Schmieden will hang the meeting signs on Friday, June 26th.
BOARD VACANCIES: Don Jacobs, Board Vice President, and Jim Veyera, Member-at-Large, are
stepping down from the Board. Don Jacobs has agreed to continue on as webmaster for the
Conifer Mountain Website.
Nominations for these two vacancies are being solicited in the General Meeting postcard and
on the website. A nomination committee will be formed, nominees will apply, and votes taken
at the General Meeting. Darlene Pickett will design a nomination form for both the website
and printing.
Board Officers reassignments will take place at the next HOA Board meeting.
MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: The General Meeting Postcard and the HOA website will remind
Members to pay their annual $35 dues. Darlene Pickett will design a membership form to
submit to Don Jacobs for publication on our website.
A motion was made by Darlene Pickett to generate HOA funding by creating a $50 membership
Level for homeowners who wish to advertise their business along with a weblink on our HOA
Website. The $50 includes a $35 annual membership PLUS $15 for the business ad for the
Calendar year. Advertisers MUST be paid up HOA members. All weblinks will be scrutinized for
Appropriate content, at the sole discretion of the Conifer Mountain HOA board.
The motion was seconded by Dave Abernethy. All in favor – all. Opposed – none.

Darlene Pickett and Don Jacobs will be the first to purchase and advertise on this link to show
Homeowners how this will look.

FIRE DANGER/ESCAPE ROUTE NEAR STEVENS: Vern Schmieden brought up the issue of this
Old logging road being fit as a viable escape route in the case of emergency. Vern agreed to
ride this out, check with the county to determine easement rights and road improvements that
may be necessary to make these roads passable. Vern agreed to obtain and map of this area
and present his findings at the General Meeting on June 27th.

SLASH/TRASH REMOVAL: Dave Abernethy is going to research a discounted service for a
community slash removal project and solicit the local trash removal companies to obtain a
discount for Conifer Mountain residents. He will present his findings at the General Meeting
on June 27th.
Vern Schmieden will contact the State Forestry Service for possible presentation at the general
meeting. If that is not possible, we will try to obtain materials for hand out and/or information
website links on the HOA website.
attend the general meeting on June 27th, but will provide information to the board ahead of
time to present at the meeting.

Meeting Adjourned AT 7:30PM