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About The Association

The Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association is an association of property owners in the Conifer Mountain Subdivision located in Conifer, Colorado. The Association is incorporated as a non-profit corporation of the State of Colorado . Its primary purpose is to promote and protect the common interests of the residents and property owners in the subdivision. Its secondary purpose is to encourage and organize neighborhood social events and community improvements.
The Association is governed by a Board of Directors elected by members of the Association.

The members of the current Board of Directors are:

Ed Vaclavik – President

Megan Kaiser – Vice President

Nancy Richardson – Treasurer

Stephen Reed – Webmaster

Kent Wagner – Secretary

Eileen McGinnity – At Large, Special Projects

Jon Sommers – Architectural Control

Dave Jackson – Fire Wise Cooridinator

Under the terms of the Articles of Incorporation and the corporation by-laws, all property owners in the Subdivision are eligible to become members of the Association. They become so by paying annual dues, the amount of which is set by the Board of Directors with the approval of the membership. Only paid members of the Association have voting rights. Currently, annual dues are $35.00. Property owners may choose to exercise voting rights for each building lot owned in the subdivision, but to do so, annual dues must be paid for each lot. Dues may be paid by sending a check, made to the Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association, to P.O. Box 39, Conifer, CO 80433-0039.

The activities and powers of the Association are defined by the by-laws, which may be revised by the members of the Association at their annual meetings.

Among the powers and activities of the Association is the enforcement of the protective covenants of the subdivision, which define a set of restrictions and uses applying to the building lots of the Subdivision.

The Association normally meets one a year in May to conduct business. If you have questions or comments about the Association, please feel free to email any of the board members.

Privacy Statement: Conifer Mountain HOA does not and will not sell, distribute, or release any personal or non-public information of any association homeowner to any third party, unless expressly permitted by the homeowner. Any unauthorized use of such information by third parties obtained in other manners, via public domain or via the internet, is not endorsed or approved by the HOA board.