About The Association

The Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association is an association of property owners in the Conifer Mountain Subdivision located in Conifer, Colorado. The Association is incorporated as a non-profit corporation of the State of Colorado . Its primary purpose is to promote and protect the common interests of the residents and property owners in the subdivision. Its secondary purpose is to encourage and organize neighborhood social events and community improvements.
The Association is governed by a Board of Directors elected by members of the Association.

The members of the current Board of Directors are:

Ed Vaclavik – President

Megan Kaiser – Vice President

Nancy Richardson – Treasurer

Stephen Reed – Webmaster

Kent Wagner – Secretary

Eileen McGinnity – At Large, Special Projects

Jon Sommers – Architectural Control

Dave Jackson – Fire Wise Cooridinator

Under the terms of the Articles of Incorporation and the corporation by-laws, all property owners in the Subdivision are eligible to become members of the Association. They become so by paying annual dues, the amount of which is set by the Board of Directors with the approval of the membership. Only paid members of the Association have voting rights. Currently, annual dues are $35.00. Property owners may choose to exercise voting rights for each building lot owned in the subdivision, but to do so, annual dues must be paid for each lot. Dues may be paid by sending a check, made to the Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association, to P.O. Box 39, Conifer, CO 80433-0039.

The activities and powers of the Association are defined by the by-laws, which may be revised by the members of the Association at their annual meetings.

Among the powers and activities of the Association is the enforcement of the protective covenants of the subdivision, which define a set of restrictions and uses applying to the building lots of the Subdivision.

The Association normally meets one a year in May to conduct business. If you have questions or comments about the Association, please feel free to email any of the board members.

Privacy Statement: Conifer Mountain HOA does not and will not sell, distribute, or release any personal or non-public information of any association homeowner to any third party, unless expressly permitted by the homeowner. Any unauthorized use of such information by third parties obtained in other manners, via public domain or via the internet, is not endorsed or approved by the HOA board.

Firewise Event

2016 Firewise Event – Saturday, September 10, 2016 – Curbside Slash Chipping

With help from the Elk Creek Fire Department, Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association will offer free curbside slash chipping on September 10 to members of the Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association. Natural slash only (no lumber or man-made materials), maximum 5-inch diameter branches, maximum 8-feet long, no stumps. Maximum of 25 cubic yards of slash per property. The slash must be in piles that are readily accessible and within 15 feet of the road. The materials will be chipped into a pile and the homeowner will be responsible for handling the chips (disposal/mulching/composting).

Elk Creek Fire Department will operate the chipper, and volunteers with Conifer Mountain Homeowners Association will assist with carrying slash to the chipper and traffic safety. Volunteers Needed!

To volunteer or to sign up for curbside slash chipping on September 10, 2016, please send an email to dejack@conifermountain.org or mail in the attached membership form to the HOA, providing your email address, name, and address, and marking yes to volunteer and or to sign up for the slash chipping event. The number of properties available for participation in the slash chipping event is limited – available on a first to respond basis to paid 2016 members of the Conifer Mountain HOA.

Why should you as a property owner care about this and become involved?

  • Community awareness of wildfire risks and creation of defensible space will result in a safer community.
  • Neighbors helping neighbors with Firewise events and related activities can increase participation, education, and reduce the costs for fire mitigation.
  • Recognition as a Firewise Community can help to create opportunities for grants and assistance in the future for improvements (e.g. water cisterns) and fire mitigation efforts.
  • Fire mitigation on your property, combined with continued operation of Fire Station No. 3 on Conifer Mountain by the Elk Creek Fire Department, can help you to maintain insurance coverage and favorable insurance rates.


Elk Creek Fire Department Communications Tower Upgrade, Station No. 3

The Elk Creek Fire Department maintains a fire station (No. 3) at the top of Conifer Mountain, 10956 Timothy’s Drive. A 90-foot tall communications tower is located at Station No. 3, which includes communication equipment for Elk Creek Fire as well as equipment for ham radio and internet providers that serve the Conifer Mountain community. Elk Creek Fire is planning to replace the existing tower with a new 110-foot tall tower in order to accommodate equipment upgrades needed by the fire department, and to continue to provide access to the other existing users of the tower. The Conifer Mountain HOA supports this upgrade for the safety and convenience of the community. If you have any questions or concerns about the planned tower replacement, please contact Chief Bill McLaughlin at the Elk Creek Fire Department (303-816-9385).